About Opennetworks

How we work, the Google Ecosystem and living Cloud.

Opennetworks is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Google Cloud Platform Partner and a Google for Education Partner. Established in 2000, we have 20 years of experience dealing with customer’s technology needs. Opennetworks has been a Google Partner since 2011.

How we work
Whether you’re launching a business or moving an existing company to Google Cloud, we will ensure you have professional email, online storage, shared calendars and collaborative documents for your organisation with little or no interruption to your day to day operations.

This kind of move requires guidance and thoughtful communication. It is a big change but moving to the cloud has tremendous benefits. Through proven change management processes Opennetworks will ensure a successful and even enjoyable move.

Google Ecosystem
Google has many different products, eight of these with more than a billion users each - think Gmail, the Chrome browser, Youtube, Play Store, Google Maps, Google search, Google Cloud Platform and Android. Opennetworks can help you navigate this ecosystem. Digital organisations looking for consumer engagement will inevitably find opportunities within the Google ecosystem.

Gmail         Chrome         YouTube         Google Play         Google Maps         Google Search         Google Cloud Platform         Android

Living Cloud
Where to from there? Build products using Google App Engine or move workloads to Google Cloud. Use Google machine learning to enhance your current services or use Google’s “no-opps” analytics environments. Understand the range of third party products in the G Suite Marketplace or just keep things simple and enjoy trouble free computing.

Other Services



Everyone needs to learn. Basic user, power user and administrator training


Professional Services

Digital transformation strategy, integration, custom workflow, intranet and mobile apps.


Managed Cloud Services

Implementation of Cloud optimised networks and connectivity.



Cloud BI dashboards, data connections, ETL and Big Data.



Google Chrome laptops supported by Opennetworks same day service model.


Bulk Communication

Bulkmail, SMS and communication tracking.


Contact Collector

Background scanning of mail signature contact details.

Our Implementation Strategies


Opennetworks deployment processes cover all technical aspects including planning, risk assessment, dependencies, integration points, data migration and ultimately golive - delivered in such a way that there is no system down time.

Change Management

With experience built up over hundreds of deployments Opennetworks provides change management concepts, processes and best practices that will ensure the transition to G Suite will be welcomed with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Through consultations and workshops, we’ll be able to expedite the process of adoption and increased productivity.

The process will also allay fears and concerns around any uncertainties by answering the fundamental questions: “Why are we switching?”, “What happens to all my old emails?” and “Will this disrupt my work?”

Digital Transformation

Opennetworks understands that transformation is not an easy process. New ways of working represent the unknown. To enjoy the benefits of transformation one must engage in a clear vision, planning, change management, training and support.

Change management is one tool used to transition individuals, teams and organizations to working in ways that will significantly reshape your organization.

Transformation also requires a 100% buy-in from your company’s executive management. A simple rule: the more commitment from the leadership of an organisation, the more successful the transformation.